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Travel Insurance

Protect your travel investment by purchasing insurance. Many insurance providers cover unforeseen events such as medical emergencies, trip cancellation, missed flights, flight delays, baggage loss or damage, and/or rental car protection.

Ask one of our agents how you can safeguard your vacation investment. Direct Travel recommends Allianz Global Assistance-click the link below to get started!

Direct Travel Allianz

Have questions about the size of a checked or carry-on bag for your flight?

Links to Baggage Allowances for Airlines servicing North Dakota:

Looking to travel internationally and need a passport?


Please note that your local post office may also have passport applications available!


Have questions about traveling to another country? Wondering if you need a tourist or business visa?

Liquid Restrictions

You cannot bring any beverages past security checkpoints. Liquids in a carry-on bag must be in 3.4 oz. bottles and placed in a quart-sized plastic bag. You can find these bottles in the travel-size sections of Wal-Mart or Target. If in doubt, put liquids in your checked bag.

Practice 3-1-1!
3.4 oz bottles in a
1-quart size plastic bag
1 bag per person!

Declare larger liquids. Medications, baby formula and food, and breast milk are allowed in reasonable quantities exceeding three ounces and are not required to be in the zip-top bag. Declare these items for inspection at the checkpoint.

Medications should be taken in your carry on bag. These should be in their original bottles.

It is OK to bring some solid food items (ie: a candy bar, granola bar, piece of fruit) through security, though you may want to check this list to see if it’s allowed through security and/or in what amounts.

Questions on what you can/can’t bring with you on the plane? Click here.


Please verify with your travel agent when you book a flight that your name on your ticket matches your identification (passport or driver’s license) exactly. We recommend taking it out of your wallet to check. If your name on your ticket and your name on your ID do not match, the TSA can deny boarding! It would be no fun to go on vacation only to get as far as the airport!

If your child has a driver’s license or a permit we recommend using the name that is printed on it to put on their airline reservation; however, anyone under the age of 18 does not need a photo ID.The airlines will require their full legal name be put on their ticket (first, middle, last) and date of birth.

Buying an airline ticket for a friend, family member or someone in your office? Have them take their ID out of the holder to check how their name appears: is it John Winston Smith or John W. Smith? Are they a ‘Sr.’ or a ‘Jr.’? Once they are ticketed, the airlines may charge a fee to change their name, so you’ll save some money by getting it right the first time!

More information on acceptable forms of ID can be found here.

Any other questions/concerns on security checkpoints or what you can/can’t take on the plane? The TSA website is the best source of information: www.tsa.gov

Checking in for your Flight

Most airlines allow you to check in for your flight 24 hours prior to your departure by going to their website. For example: if your flight leaves at 7:04 AM on March 20, you can check in at the airline’s website for your flight anytime after 7:04 AM on March 19. We highly recommend doing this, as not only will it save you some time at the airport (you can even prepay your checked baggage on most airlines and print your boarding passes) but it will also lessen your chances of being bumped if a flight is oversold.

We’re happy to help you check in for your flight-if our office is open, simply stop by our office the day before your flight and ask one of our agents to help you with check-in. Having your airline confirmation # is helpful at this time.

If you do not have a computer, we recommend arriving at the airport at least two hours prior to your departure. This will give you time to check in for your flight, check or pay your baggage (the airlines will accept exact change or a credit card at the counter), and get through security.

Changing your Flight

It is possible to change a flight or cancel it all together. If you need to change/cancel your flight, please call our offices. Most airlines charge at least a $150-$200 change fee per ticket to change a domestic flight, and it could be $200 or more for an international ticket. If you know you’re going to miss your flight or need to cancel, please contact our offices before your flight departs! If the wheels leave the ground without you, you will lose the entire value of your ticket.

Both of our offices have 24 hr emergency phone numbers on our after-hours recording. Simply call us and get the number.

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